Board of Directors

External Members

Internal Members

Angelo Bracaglia


Deloitte & Touche


George Kanaan

Associate Dean, Undergraduate Affairs

John Molson School of Business


Anna Martini


Groupe Dynamite



Patrick Kelley

Chief Financial Officer, Financial Services

Concordia University


Filomena D’Urbano

Interim Senior Vice President

Limited Brands International

Joseph Capano

Principal Director Development

John Molson School of Business

Geoff Molson

Member of the Board of Directors

Montreal Canadiens

Sarah Cundiff

Advisor, Marketing and Business Development

Institute for Co-Operative Education, Concordia University


Mubashir Jamal

Senior Director

Loblaw Companies Limited

Karim Boulos

Acting Vice President Operations

Cromwell Management Inc

Tony Loffreda

Head, National Client Group, Quebec

Royal Bank of Canada

Victor Esposito

Alumni Member / JMUCC President 2009

John Molson School of Business

Dominic Boyle

Director of Finance and Administration

SOGEFI Engine Systems Division N.A

Mariann Rossi

Alumni Member / JMUCC President 2011

John Molson School of Business

Lina Racaniello

Director of Marketing

Brother Canada

Guillaume Leverdier

Alumni Member / JMUCC President 2012-2013

John Molson School of Business